What would you have done?

If you’d been called to Mrs P’s flat last month, and found the old lady lying on the floor, dirty and dehydrated, surely you would not have hesitated to help her? Neither did we.

Up until late last year, Mrs P, who is in her sixties, was quite fit and active. A divorcée, with one son whom she hasn’t seen in years, she was living by herself in central Durban. But in January, when the letting agency came to inspect her unit, they found Mrs P on the floor in a terrible condition. Neighbours reported that she hadn’t been seen out and about since last November. Her flat hadn’t been cleaned in months and there was no sign of any food in the place.

Mrs P was incoherent and could not maintain any kind of conversation with our social worker. We immediately arranged for a home based carer to make the old woman more comfortable. She was lifted up, bathed and fed. After that, the carer set to cleaning up her flat.

Needy Pensioners Fund

Our Needy Pensioners fund is critical in situations like this. We were able to pay for Meals on Wheels to be delivered to Mrs P’s door. We could also buy a few basic grocery items for Mrs P, so the carer could prepare breakfast and sandwiches for the old lady. And pay for transport to the doctor. Mrs P was then admitted to hospital, where she had various tests and treatment for dehydration.

It was obvious Mrs P could not go back to her flat. So we placed the old lady in one of our Homes, where she’ll receive the care she needs to live out the rest of her life in comfort and dignity.

Our mission is to assist the elderly in whatever way we can. We are driven by what lies in our hearts – compassion, empathy, love. But the reality is that all our services cost money. Carers, meals, essential items like a few groceries, incontinence wear, soap and household cleaning products – nothing is free.

Help us help them

That’s why we depend on other people with caring hearts to support our Needy Pensioners’ Fund. Having this small fund available for emergency use enables us to respond immediately when an elderly person needs help. Please will you help top it up now by making a donation of any amount?

We know that you wouldn’t have been able to turn your back on Mrs P and just walk away. But you can’t always be there when an elderly person needs help. But, by contributing to our Needy Pensioners’ Fund, your kindness can still touch them.

Any amount you can donate now will make a difference to an elder’s life. So please, may we count on you now, just as Mrs P is counting on us?