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Emergency contact details during the National Lockdown:
Tel. 073 949 9730 or email


As our country prepares for the inevitable announcement of more stringent measures by the Government of South Africa, I’ve had to make a few difficult decisions to ensure the prioritisation of our elders’ welfare during this difficult time. With immediate effect, the Tafta management team has made the following decisions that I ask you to please honour as we navigate the difficult days ahead:

  • Our homes will no longer be open to any visitors, including immediate family members of elders. If you have family members in our buildings and are particularly concerned or if you have a really great idea which we should be considering please email this through to with the subject line as #Flattenthecurve. This will assist us in prioritising these emails.
  • All interviews relating to the application for residence at Tafta homes will be put on hold until further notice. Please email and for further information in this regard.
  • We will sadly no longer be accepting donations of prepared meals with immediate effect due to the potential risks involved; we truly appreciate the kindness shown to our elders, but during this time, we ask that donations of food please be restricted to non-perishables such as canned goods and long shelf life products only.
  • Finally, we sincerely appeal to those prepared to do so, to please come forward as soon as possible to help us assist our elders with specific tasks that may include the pick-up of medication, essential toiletries and the fulfillment of medical scripts from pharmacies. To join our volunteer team, please contact and with your contact details. If you are in a position to reach out, we would be honoured to have you help us serve our vulnerable elders at this time of desperate need.

Yours sincerely,
Femada Shamam
Tafta CEO

The Hospice Palliative Care Association of South Africa (HPCA) has a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with The Association for the Aged (TAFTA). This collaboration aims to improve access to palliative care for older people in South Africa through training, support and policy development.

Struggling to survive on a small pension while your house crumbles around you - this is not the way life is supposed to turn out!

We all expect to get old one day ... and to have less strength and energy than we had as young men and women.

But these are things no one plans for:

  • To see your house - once your pride and joy - getting more and more dilapidated because your small state pension barely covers the cost of food, let alone home maintenance!
  • To develop both Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease - which means you quite literally put your life in your hands climbing the stairs to bed every night, especially as there is no hand rail.
  • And - hardest of all for a mother to bear - to become a victim of your own son, who despite your best efforts, has turned into a drug addict who will do anything to feed his habit.

This is what happened to *Mrs Hamilton.

Her son has stolen almost everything in her house to get money for drugs. Even the linen off his mother's bed ... her clothes ... and any food left for her by kindly neighbours. Worse, he's removed the keys to the outside doors to prevent her from locking him out. So Mrs Hamilton can't protect herself. Criminals can simply walk in through the front door!

Our social worker helped her to obtain a Protection Order against her son. But Mrs Hamilton is torn, as only a mother can be. No matter how badly he treats her, she can never stop loving her son.

But this frail old lady cannot continue living in danger and squalor like this. She needs somewhere safe to spend her twilight years. She needs proper care ... proper food ... a comfortable bed ... and companionship and love.

We will do everything we can to help.

But, there's a massive shortfall between the cost of providing 24 hour care and the R1 800 government pension that is all Mrs Hamilton can contribute.

Your donation of any amount helps us continue protecting elderly people like Mrs Hamilton - and ensures they have everything they need to live out their years in safety and comfort.

So please will you make your donation today?

One day, you may also find that life has not turned out quite the way you expected. You may also be grateful to accept a little help from Tafta - and the wonderfully caring community of supporters who make our work possible.

*Name changed to protect identity.

Tafta elder

One day, you may also find that life has not turned out quite the way you expected.

Accommodation for the elderly

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The Association for the Aged is a registered non-profit organisation (NPO 002093) dedicated to the alleviation of distress and the promotion of the welfare of aged persons living in the Durban area.

Any person who is over 60 and in need of help – or any person who knows of an elderly person in need of help – should contact us. TAFTA cares.

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