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Keeping busy and involved is the key to happiness

Imagine yourself at age 80 or 90; walking has become difficult and you can't hear well enough to make sense of TV shows or even enjoy a good chat. So you simply sit and do nothing, hour after hour, and the day ahead seems unbearably long and boring!

This is the reality for many elderly people, who might also find other functions impaired by the passing years. Fine motor skills are lost through lack of practice, and there may also be impaired cognitive and perceptual function that sap confidence.

At Tafta residences, elders are encouraged to participate in arts and crafts therapy to stimulate sensory and motor skills, as well as mental agility and confidence. Some may have enjoyed these activities as children or young adults; now they need to relearn and practice them, as well as trying new things. Keeping busy and having a sense of purpose also help ward off depression and anxiety and make for happier elders.

Please will you help our elders experience all these important benefits by sponsoring a Smile Kit of stationery – paper, cardboard, scissors, crayons and pens – to encourage them to get involved in creative activity?

Send a lonely elderly person a box of sunshine by making a donation of just R150 right now!

Seniors enjoying Art & Crafts

Hours of fun are yours to give. Please sponsor a Smile Kit for an elder today.


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