COVID-19 Crisis

Our vulnerable elders have never needed your help more. Please join us in doing everything we can to keep them safe during this difficult and anxious time.

It's no secret that elderly people are most at risk from the coronavirus. At Tafta, our greatest weapon is to prevent the virus from ever entering our Homes – and we have been successful so far.

But it comes at a cost we can ill afford.

We have had to employ extra staff – and those locked down on the premises need to be fed. It means an extra 50 loaves of bread alone over this period. Plus all the other essentials like tea, milk, sugar, eggs, cereals/porridge, meat, veggies and canned goods.

We have also had to buy extra safety items: sanitisers, gloves and masks - and more hygiene products, like soap, toothpaste, toilet paper, incontinence products, washing powder, bleach and general household cleaners.

Please use the form below to make a donation online now – to help cover these and other costs we are facing right now.

Together, we will make it through this crisis. But we need to care for those who are weaker and more vulnerable. Please, Durban, show us your big heart!

Thank you for caring.

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