Valentine's Day
11Feb, 2020

Your best Valentine gift

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Ahh, the month of love! Red roses, chocolate hearts, romantic candlelit dinners with your sweetheart. And perhaps the thrill of a card or flowers from a ‘secret admirer’.

But it’s not so much fun for those who don’t have a special someone to shower them with love on Valentine’s Day. Spare a thought for lonely ‘singles’, who might go the whole day without a hug or some small token to remind them that someone is thinking about them.

Sadly, this is all too often the case among older people. The likelihood of losing a beloved partner increases with every year that passes. Children grow up and leave home; often they leave town or even the country too, taking the grandchildren with them. Older people don’t just lose their sweetheart – they lose their entire family too.

How much fun would it be to be an elder’s ‘secret admirer’? To leave a note with a chocolate or flower somewhere they’ll find it – and fill their whole day with the magic of feeling loved and special. Here’s a little rhyme for inspiration:

“Somewhere there’s someone
Who dreams of your smile,
And finds in your presence,
That life is worthwhile.
So when you are lonely
Remember it’s true
Someone, somewhere
Is thinking of you.”

Because, Valentine’s Day is not just about romantic relationships. It’s an opportunity to celebrate love in all its shapes and forms. From giving a stranger a genuine and heartfelt compliment to calling a friend to let them know you are thinking of them – acts of kindness equal love.

Why not pick some flowers from your garden and take them to an elderly neighbour who lives alone? Or take a handful of heart shaped sweets or chocolates everywhere you go on Friday 14th. Give them away to people you encounter – the car guard, the cashier at the supermarket, the petrol attendant who fills your car. Or pop into a children’s home or an old age home with enough treats for everyone.

If possible, take your kids with you – it’s never too soon to show them how good it feels to be kind and loving towards others.

And while you’re busy helping everyone else feel the love, don’t forget to love yourself on Valentine’s Day. Take care of your physical and mental health and give yourself a small treat.

Happy Valentine’s Day!