11Jul, 2016

You make this possible – thank you!

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To find out how much your support means, we asked someone who’s been touched by your kindness.

I am so happy to be here at Kings Hall. I never thought that I would have so many friends. I am very blessed to have thoughtful neighbours who were so welcoming when I moved in, and came to my door with tea and biscuits. My neighbours Joy and Eddie are the brightest light in the building!

Whenever I have any problems with my flat, I can always approach Sarrah and Mrs Khan for help. December is also very helpful and assists me whenever I need to take my curtains down to wash them. Renata is always happy and smiling and the functions she organises are always well planned and run smoothly.

We are so lucky to have the convenience of a hair salon on the premises. I really enjoy playing bowls in the hall and the church service that we have. I also enjoy our outings to the Playhouse. God bless all at Tafta for taking care of all the golden oldies at Kings Hall.