2Jan, 2019

Work for us

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Tafta (The Association for the Aged) has a vacancy for an Area Based Manager for our North Area.

This position requires a minimum qualification of a Social Science Degree or similar and 4 years’ experience in supervision/management of a team/employees. Experience in the field of elder care would be an advantage.

Other competencies include good leadership skills and behaviours; professional communication (written, electronic and verbal); basic understanding of business management principals and processes; an ability to manage daily operations and; analytical and strategic thinking.


  1. An integrated basket of services to meet the needs of the elderly
  2. A well designed structure (physical and human resources) which facilitates the needs of the elderly
  3. An effective team working together to achieve the aims of the organisation
  4. Effective and efficient financial management of area
  5. A well-managed administration system.

For further information or to submit an applications, please inbox Marshnee Naidoo, marshneen@tafta.org.za

The closing date is 3 January 2019.