7Feb, 2019

Wisdom of elders shines on Day of Older Persons

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Every year on 1 October, Tafta commemorates the United Nation’s International Day of Older Persons. Last year, we used the opportunity to showcase some of Tafta elders’ wisdom. CEO Femada Shamam explained that by doing so, the organisation hoped to dispel the myth that ageing is synonymous with diminished mental capacity.

For 98-year old Kings Hall resident, Mrs Senmathie Pillay, growing old means keeping busy and caring about others. “We can each play a part in making the world a better place,” she says. “When you’re able to, always reach out to a person who needs a helping hand.”

Hashim and Gloria Vawda say their experiences in a previously segregated South Africa changed when they moved into a Tafta residence. “I’ve learnt that you need to look past exteriors,” said Mr Vawda. “Get to know people on a deeper level and differences become insignificant.”

Barbara Bannister (pictured above), a former Tafta employee and resident of Cambridge Gardens, says the Association often found loopholes to ensure all elders were treated with dignity and received the assistance they needed.

“Without Tafta, I don’t know what the sub-economic elderly people of Durban would have done. Again and again, we were called on to come to the rescue pf elderly people seeking care.” she said.