vaccination roll-out at Tafta on Ridge
20May, 2021

Vaccination roll-out begins

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Wednesday 19 May was the long awaited moment when the Department of Health came to Tafta on Ridge to administer the Covid-19 vaccine to our elders. This marked a historic moment in our fight against the disease, and offered an encouraging glimpse into a future where the threat is over and life can return to normal.

Got my vaccination!Elders at the home were eager and relieved to get their vaccinations, together with the assurance that even if they do get the disease, symptoms are likely to be mild and the chances of hospitalisation or death greatly reduced.

Heartfelt thanks to staff from the Department of Health, who expressed such care and compassion for our elders. The team will return again in 30 days’ time to administer the second dose of the vaccine. We are hopeful that all elders in our care will be vaccination before the end of June.