Women's Day at Tafta
20Aug, 2020

Thank you to our caring staff

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Our care workers, nurses and social workers have put their own health at risk, and sacrificed time with their families to ensure the health and well-being of our cherished elders. During the lockdown, some of our very own Tafta superwomen chose to stay in with our elders instead of going home to their loved ones. These heroines also stepped up to screen our residents during our first outbreak of Covid-19 and assisted residents to digitally stay in contact with their families during the lonely lockdown.

We wanted to show our appreciation and gratitude to these phenomenal women during Women’s month by spoiling them with a gift. And, thanks to a special donation from excess Factory Shop, 38 nurses, carers and social workers at Tafta on Ridge each received received a vanity case with scented soap, sanitizer and hand lotion to spoil these hard-working ladies.

Each carer also received a chocolate from Tafta, together with and a handmade thank you card as a token of appreciation for their hard work and compassion.