4Sep, 2018

Tell my Story Competition open to elders and young school children

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For the first time, Tafta’s annual “Tell My Story” competition is being opened up to primary school children. The competition, which is open to all our elders and community club members, is aimed at reawakening the love of story telling and reading amongst the elderly. This year, we hope to encourage young children to join in, bridge the generation gap and appreciate that elders are walking libraries with a wealth of information and experience to share.

“We’ve been thrilled at the response from schools,” said Tafta CEO, Femada Shamam. “At least ten schools have confirmed their participation.

“Our elders have always embraced the competition and we’ve gained so much from the wisdom shared through entries each year, so it was a natural extension to invite the youth to join in and explore their story-telling ability whilst connecting with elders in their lives,” she added.

Participating schools have until the end of September to submit entries to Tafta. Winners (in both the elders and schools competitions categories) will be announced at the conclusion of a mall exhibition of the finalists’ work at Windermere Centre between 5-15 November this year.

While the younger entrants were asked to interview elders and share their stories, the elders are being challenged to share their life lessons through the theme of ‘a letter to my grandchild’. Prizes include electronic gadgets such as laptops and tablets sponsored by MicroDivision and Windermere Shopping Centre.

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Pictured above are last year’s winners: Maureen Rooks (centre) scooped first prize, with Belinda Johanson (right) in second place and Hazel Naicker (left) in third place.