20Aug, 2019

Just a month left to enter Tafta’s #TellMyStory Competition

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Schools, youth and community elders are encouraged to enter the Tafta #TellMyStory competition before the submission deadline of 20 Spetember 2019.

The annual competition is open to all elders as well as youth and school learners, and aims to reawaken the love of story-telling and reading in the community, as well as bridging intergenerational gaps and promoting conversations between the young and old.

This year, the theme of the competition is “Creating an Age Friendly World” and competition entrance topics are as follows:

  • Grade R/ Grade 1-3: “Draw an Age friendly City”
  • Grade 4-7/Grade 8-12/ Youth/ and Elders: “Describe an age friendly world where elders’ needs are met and they feel respected”

Winning entries will once again win electronic gadgets such as tablets sponsored by Tafta’s IT supplier MicroDivision.

“We piloted the competition at a school level last year and we were thrilled at the level of support it received, so this year, we’re going bigger and better with the competition – inviting learners, youth and community elders to participate,” said Tafta’s Head of Marketing, Income Development and Public relations Gail Samuels.

After last year’s competition, Gordon Road Girls school Department Head, Fern de Freitas said: “I am thrilled at the results of our Gordon Road Girls and even more so that Chloe du Plessis secured 1st Place in the Grade 4-7 multimedia category. Thank you to Tafta for organising such a worthwhile competition which encouraged our girls to think of the significance of the elderly, and, especially grandparents.”

For more information, contact info@tafta.org.za or click here for competition rules and entry requirements.