16Nov, 2018

Tell my Story winners announced

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On Friday 16 November, the winners of the Tafta TellMyStory schools’ competition were announced at the Windermere Centre, where the finalists’ work had been on exhibition that week.

The competition, which is annually hosted by Tafta and is open to all its elders and community club members, is aimed at reawakening the love of story-telling and reading in the elderly.

This year, the competition was extended to include an entry category for primary school learners, aimed at bridging inter-generational gaps and promoting conversations between the young and old.

Younger entrants were asked to interview elders and share their lessons in life through the theme, Celebrating the life of an older person – while the elders were challenged to share their life lessons through the theme, A letter to my grandchild.

Winners received electronic prizes, such as laptops and tablets, sponsored by Windermere Shopping Centre and MicroDivision.

“We’ve piloted the competition at a school level this year and we were thrilled at the level of support it received; next year we’re hoping to go bigger and better with the competition hopefully, with the support of donors, corporates and members of the public,” said Tafta’s Head of Marketing, Income Development and Public relations, Gail Samuels.

Gordon Road Girls school Department Head, Fern de Freitas said: “I am thrilled at the results of our Gordon Road Girls and even more so that Chloe du Plessis secured 1st Place in the Grade 4-7 multimedia category.
Thank you to Tafta for organising such a worthwhile competition which encouraged our girls to think of the significance of the elderly, and, especially grandparents.”

The Winners :
Grade R: Art
1st place: Svuyile Sibiya, Addington Primary School
2nd place: Oyinthando Jizana, Addington Primary School
3rd place: Amahle Mazeka, Addington Primary School
Grade 1-3: Art
1st place: Saiuryn Chetty, Savannah Park Secondary
2nd place: Nitara Govender, Savannah Park Secondary
3rd place: Amanda Burume, Addington Primary School
Grade 1-3: Story
1st place: Bassom Ramadhani, Addington Primary School
2nd place: Zuwen Ally, Addington Primary School
3rd place: Nanakofi Amoah, Addington Primary School
Grade 4-7: Art
1st place: Tankiso Mphafi, Charles Hugo Primary
2nd place: Paige Norris, Charles Hugo Primary
3rd place: Shaun Cordova, Charles Hugo Primary
Grade 4-7: Story
1st place: Samantha Mthemba, Addington Primary School
2nd place: Mugisha Bell Amie, Addington Primary School
3rd place: Faatima Zahra Hoosain, Orient Islamic School
Grade 4-7 Multimedia 1st prize: Chloe du Plessis, Gordon Road Girls

1st place: Gloria Sanders, Tafta Oceanview
2nd place: Hazel Naicker,
Tafta Lodge 3rd place: Barbara Stone, Tafta Park Oldfield Wellness Centre