Day of Older Persons
1Oct, 2021

Tafta commemorates International Day of Older Persons with launch of innovative Telemedicine platform

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The annual Week of Older Persons, leading into the United Nations Day of Older Persons on 1 October 2021, is one of the most coveted celebrations at The Association for The Aged (Tafta). This year, we are commemorating the resilience of older people through the Coronavirus pandemic.

With this year’s theme for International Day of Older Persons being ‘Digital Equity for All Ages’  Tafta, in collaboration with LionPride Investment Holdings, is launching the pilot of an internationally renowned health monitoring digital application to Tafta elders, both in our homes and in the communities we serve.


Using this telemedicine platform, elders will have access to a virtual symptom checker that collects relevant patient information prior to consultation before offering patients a video consultation with a healthcare provider, or the opportunity to connect through medical chat. The platform also allows for electronic prescriptions to be issued if needed.

Deven Govender, CEO of LionPride Investment Holdings the investment company launching the online platform in South Africa, shared his excitement about the project.

“Older Persons are the cornerstone of any community where traditions are passed down, as well as the institutional memory of that community,” he said.  “We believe that it is imperative that they have access to health and care services currently provided by Tafta, which technology will enhance. Waiting times are shorter, using artificial intelligence to assist nurses and video consultation with doctors.”

Remote consultations

“Historically, South Africa marginalised certain communities, depriving them of access to services. With the explosion of technology people will be able to access these services with a few clicks on a smartphone or computer. LionPride investment Holdings are extremely proud to work with Tafta offering these health care services both at their residences or remotely. This pilot launch is critical in supporting older persons to easily consult with a nurse or doctor from remote locations. At LionPride Investment Holdings, our mission is to invest in companies and projects that not only exceed stakeholders’ expectations but also result in social upliftment in the markets we serve,” Govender said.

Following the launch of the internal pilot, Tafta will assess the success of the virtual platform before sharing their telemedicine experience.

“I am a firm believer that healthy minds lead to healthy bodies, which lead to healthy societies,” said Tafta CEO Femada Shamam. “The opportunity to launch a healthcare system that uses artificial intelligence ties in with our commitment to a decade of healthy ageing that aims to use technology to assist our elders to connect, have fun and be well. It is these empowering acts that will result in holistic wellbeing, and make the greatest impact toward a decade of healthy ageing.”

Honour the aged

During the week of 27 September to 3 October 2021, Shamam said South Africans are encouraged to honour and pay tribute to our elders, and raise awareness on issues that affect and impact senior members in our society. “This 7-day commemoration also serves as a prelude to active ageing week that begins on 4 October 2021. During active ageing week, people aged 50 and above are encouraged to take advantage of all life has to offer,” explained Shamam.

With the joint goals of honouring elders and promoting wellness in mind, Tafta dedicates the entire month of October to providing their elders with a line-up of mentally and physically stimulating activities by hosting sports days, laughter therapy sessions, fancy dress socials and informative talks on issues affecting older people.

For more information on how you can honour the elderly this month, contact Kemmy-Leigh Moodley on 031 332 3721 or email