Annual General Meeting
1Oct, 2019

Tafta AGM on 26 September

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Tafta’s 60th Annual General Meeting took place at Anna Conradie Wellness Centre on 26 September 2019. Guests included the elders we serve, who showed keen interest as leaders of the organisation took them through the year end results.

As we reflected on the business of operating Tafta, we were reminded that a good combination of head and heart is needed to ensure that we continue to provide a service which is relevant, and that we respond to the needs in a way that does not compromise our ability to support the coming generations of elders.

We were also humbled by the reality that we do not travel this road alone. Tafta is incredibly blessed to have the support of the community who trust us to operate with integrity and good sense. We carry their trust with care and endeavor to always do our best, inspired by our purpose of making dignity, growth and a meaningful life a realistic prospect for all elders.

Thank you for walking alongside us.