22Jul, 2019

Tafta 100 Club

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Mrs Florence Clara Oldham, who turns 103 in September this year, shares a history with Tafta spanning well over 25 years. A regular at the Primrose Wellness Centre clinic at Tafta’s John Dunn House, where she receives her chronic medication, Florence is extremely complimentary about our Meals on Wheels and Home Based Care programmes which have enabled her to continue living an independent life.

Our Home Based Care service is a win-win programme. Younger members of the community are given the opportunity to earn an income, in return for tending to the needs of elders requiring daily support. For Florence, this meant the reassurance of already knowing her carer, Dora, before she began visiting her regularly to check up on her.

“It’s amazing the work being done by Tafta,” says Florence.