5Oct, 2017

Tafta helps elders stay connected!

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We’re helping our residents to “stay connected” with the launch of a campaign to encourage them to embrace online communication.

The Tech Savvy Seniors campaign, which rolled out at six Tafta establishments this week to coincide with the annual Week of Older Persons, highlights this year’s theme: “Stepping into the Future – Tapping the Talents, Contributions and Participation of Older Persons in Society”.

Whether it’s online shopping, research or just keeping in touch with family, the well-equipped media centres allow more pensioners access to the digital world.

“Internet use among those 65 and older is growing. The elderly use these tools to bridge the gap between them and their loved ones far away and as a way to re-connect with friends from the past. Studies show that the internet has become an important means of reducing isolation, loneliness and other depressive symptoms,” says Tafta CEO Femada Shamam.

Resident at Tafta on Ridge, Elsa Maree, 71, was thrilled to hear of the new media centre.

“You are never too old to learn something new. I am quite excited and feel strongly that we should never limit ourselves because of our age or stage,” she said.

“I think we should meet our challenges as we age, whatever they are, and we should choose to make choices that will stimulate our minds as well as our bodies,” added Maree who spends three hours a day on Skype and WhatsApp.
“I’m happy to be in touch with my family overseas and also be able to research information on any new medication.”

Maree will be helping Tafta staff to teach residents the basics of online communication.

“I don’t think it’s going to be too long before we see a huge increase in seniors using technology,” says Shamam.
“”Keeping active physically is important but social activity also helps to elevate mood and to help to actually impact healing and it can keep cognitive function on-going as well as one ages.”

The media centres are available at the following facilities:
·         John Dunn House
·         John Conradie House
·         Anna Conradie Wellness Centre at Tafta Lodge
·         Tafta on Ridge
·         Langeler Towers
·         Mary Asher Wellness Centre at Kings Hall

As life expectancy continues to increase, the burden of both financially and physically, caring for aging parents is one of the most important and pressing issues for adult children today. Stand alongside Tafta to bridge the gap and help to find new mechanisms to provide essential services to those who can no longer be active members in our community.

Pictured: Tafta Resident Elsa Maree, 71, turns to Skype and WhatsApp to maintain contact with her family and friends abroad with the help of Tafta’s wellness and activity co-ordinator, Pooventhree Pillay.