23May, 2018

Siblings take on Mandela Marathon for Tafta

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Brother and sister fitness fanatics Ronald and Shayna Smith are taking on the 42 km Mandela marathon in August of this year to raise money for Tafta as their Mandela Day act of service.

The Hillcrest-based sibling duo, who’ve only recently become regular runners, have set up a GivenGain fundraising page to raise R5 000 for Tafta and say they’ve identified us as their charity of choice in recognition of what we do for the elderly of Durban.

“We lost both of our grandmothers, whom we were extremely close to, within a year and a half of each other, and having seen them both spend their last days in a hospice, it really struck us how older people especially were so alienated and neglected at their time of greatest need,” explains younger sibling Shayna (24).

“I recall spending time with older people I saw were alone, and even sitting with a particular lady who was alone, as she passed on. It was devastating and had a significant impact on us and when the opportunity came up to do something about it, we looked up online and saw the work Tafta does and we decided to support them as out charity of choice,” said Shayna.

Ronald (33), said he was knew that youth and children-related causes are always the charity of choice, but he was determined to help and bring awareness to the plight of the elderly. “It’s easy to forget that the elderly were once vibrant, energetic, independent individuals. With hopes and dreams just like us. Amazing life storytellers and keepers of great knowledge, we believe it is a basic human right for the elderly to be provided with the best care possible. We love everything Tafta stands for. They do amazing work, and we will do all that we can to help assist them,” he said.

The passionate duo, who train together on a daily basis, first embarked on their fitness journey in December 2017 in a bid to lose weight after experiencing two uncles undergo triple by-pass surgeries. Since then, Ronald has lost a whopping 30kgs and Shayna has lost 10kgs. “Since starting on this journey, I’ve realised how important it is to take care of myself. We’ve come incredibly far from our first 10km back in January of this year, and we’re determined to go all the way to the 42 km in August for this worthy cause,” said Ronald. If you would like to do your bit for Mandela Day by supporting the Smith siblings in their bid, visit their givengain page here.

“We’re extremely grateful to Ronald and Shayna for their support and for being true ambassadors of one of Tafta’s abiding philosophies to “inspire active ageing”. We call on other active Tafta ambassadors training for the upcoming Comrades ultra-marathon to please make your run even more meaningful by choosing Tafta as your fundraising beneficiary for the race,” said Gail Samuels – Divisional Manager for Income Development, Marketing and Public Relations.

Steps to register as a Tafta fundraiser at this year’s Comrades Ultramarathon:

  1. To register as a Tafta fundraiser at the Comrades, visit https://www.givengain.com/e/comrades2018/
  2. Click on “Fundraise for this event” and will be walked through a quick and easy setup of their own fundraising project (selecting The Association for the Aged (TAFTA) as the beneficiary charity, of course). This will put them on the Teams leaderboard along with all other fundraisers!
  3. Once their fundraising project is live, participants can share their project link with friends, family and colleagues, asking for donations. All donations are transferred straight to Tafta as the charity of choice.

Pictured above: Running siblings Shayna and Ronald Smith will run the Mandela Day marathon in aid of Tafta this year.