Women of Tafta
18Aug, 2021

Shout out to the incredible women of Tafta

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August is Women’s month. Time to celebrate the contribution women make to society. And what better place to start than right here in our own Tafta Homes?

We count ourselves fortunate indeed to have so many strong, capable, compassionate and dedicated women on our staff. Like everyone else, they have been touched in one way or another by Covid-19. Some have been infected by the disease themselves. Others have been affected financially, emotionally or mentally.

Yet, without exception, they’ve all put on a brave face and come to work, wearing smiles behind their masks, in order to provide cheerful care and support for our elderly residents.

During lockdown, our nurses and carers were often the only contact elders had with the outside world. They carried an entire support system on their shoulders … delivering messages, gifts and medicines from elders’ loved ones, and easing concern, pain and stress. They were there to provide a listening ear and a hand to hold through some of the scariest moments in our elders’ lives. And they did it with such grace and kindness. All this, while holding back their own fears and caring for their own families as well.

Superwoman has nothing on our carers!

We applaud them and thank them sincerely for their efforts. Not just during Women’s month. But every day of every month. And we’re not the only ones who’ve noticed their dedication. Letters from grateful family members have poured in during these stressful and difficult times.

These letters of appreciation talk about going above and beyond ‘duty’ … about being caring in times of stress … of patience and kindness … and how our staff are ready to put their own lives at risk in order to be there for the elders in their care.

This message of thanks from Nireshni Chellan is just one of many:

“In a time when the world seems to be in chaos, I would really like to extend my appreciation and admiration for one of your social workers – Lungi Mbewe. She has gone beyond duty in assisting me with getting my parents the care that they need.

“Through it all, she has been nothing but polite and caring. Clearly this is her calling. Too often we are quick to complain, but today I would like to take the time to commend an excellent social worker and human being. To Lungi and all the others like her out there – THANK YOU!”

After the awful week of unrest in KZN, more letters of appreciation came flooding in. Staff at Tafta proved again just how resilient they are. They put aside fear and difficulties in order to get to work. They made sure to ease the fears of elders in our care, and reassured elders’ families who were concerned for the safety of their loved ones.

Chris wrote: “Dear Hannelie. I just truly, with all my heart, want to thank you and all the staff SO very much – more than any words can or could possible convey –for leaving your own family, for risking your own life to get to work, to make sure my mom and all the other residents are safe, fed and taken care of. My words do not suffice.”

And from Nadine, Mandy and Mike, “Dear Sister Mala, We wanted to express our thanks to you and your staff at the Care Cottage for the excellent work you are doing in these terribly stressful times. Dealing with the pandemic has been very difficult, but this hideous violence has created problems we never imagined and you have our admiration for the way you are dealing with circumstances. We know our mom appreciated your care immensely.”

Women of Tafta, take a bow!