26Feb, 2018

Tafta seniors embrace technology

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | February 26th, 2018

Tafta is helping its residents ‘stay connected’, with the launch of Media Centres at six establishments. Whether it’s online shopping, research, or just keeping in touch with family through social media, Skype and email, the new centres are proving a hit with residents.

“Internet usage among the 65+ age group is growing,” says Tafta CEO Femada Shamam. “It’s an important way of bridging the gap between them and loved ones far away, re-connecting with friends from long ago, and reducing feelings of isolation and loneliness.”

Elsa Maree (71), who lives at Tafta on Ridge, was thrilled to try out the new facility. “You are never too old to learn something new,” she said. “I am quite excited and feel strongly that we should never limit ourselves because of our age or stage.

“It’s amazing just how much I can get done by just a click of a button. This makes life much more convenient,” adds Elsa who spends three hours each day on Skype and WhatsApp. “I’m happy to be in touch with my family overseas and also be able to research information on any new medication if I am unsure.”

The new Media Centres are one way Tafta is helping seniors who are no longer able to get out and about, connect with the community around them. Keeping active physically is important, but a social connection is equally vital in lifting spirits and creating a feeling of well-being.