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4Feb, 2020

How a donation to charity helps you save tax and earn BEE points

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Public Benefit Organisations (PBOs) like Tafta are entitled to issue donors with section 18A certificates for donations received – allowing the donor to claim a rebate from SARS on his or her annual income tax return. This applies to both individuals and companies that are South African tax payers.

Up to 10% of taxable income may be claimed. So if your taxable income for the year is R100 000, you could donate R10 000 to your favourite charity (provided it is an approved SARS Section 18A PBO) and claim the full rebate.

For companies looking to reduce their tax burden, a donation to Tafta offers an additional benefit – points on your BBBEE scorecard. With over 51% Black Beneficiaries, Tafta is a Level Two contributor.

Not only that – you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing your action will have a direct impact on some of the most vulnerable members of society … elderly pensioners who rely on Tafta for subsidised accommodation, Meals on Wheels, home based care and other services essential to their health and wellbeing.

Non profits like Tafta play a valuable role, taking up the slack between what government can provide and what it needed. Without these organisations, our society would be much worse off than it is.

Like most NPOs, Tafta depends on public donations to survive. Your support not only brings relief to those who rely on us now – it also ensures that we will be around to help you or your loved ones in the future, should the need ever arise.

Everybody wins! You can help the elderly … earn BBBEE points … and claim your rebate back from SARS.