1Feb, 2018

SASSA – new payment system

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Beneficiaries of the government Old Age Grant need to be aware that certain changes will be implemented from 1 April 2018, in compliance with the Court Order requiring the phasing out of the current service provider, CPS. Beneficiaries have been assured that the payment of grants will continue as normal during the transition period while SASSA and the South African Post Office develop and implement a new payment process.

Important changes are listed below:

  1. Beneficiaries now have a choice as to how they wish to receive their social grants. This may be through a direct transfer into a bank account of their choice, through the existing SASSA card account, or cash at a designated cash pay point.
  2. Beneficiaries who wish to receive their grants through their personal bank account, need to complete a form requesting this. SASSA is in discussions with commercial banks to establish special low cost bank accounts for grant recipients – watch out for further announcements in this regard.
  3. To ensure a smooth transition to the new system, the current SASSA card will be valid until the end of December 2018 regardless of the expiry date printed on the card.
  4. People who receive their grant payments in cash at designated cash points will continue to do so. SASSA is currently working with SAPO to assess the location and suitability of existing cash pay points. Moving forward, some of these may be closed or relocated to Post Offices. However, the norm of keeping pay points within a 5 km radius of the beneficiaries will be maintained.
  5. New applicants for social grants will be serviced at the existing SASSA offices and receive the current SASSA card.
  6. All beneficiaries should know there is only one SASSA card – the one with the South African government coat of arms displayed on the face. No one should be forced to take any other card.

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