16Oct, 2018

Resident evicted from John Conradie House

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The Association for the Aged (Tafta) confirms that Mr Glen Chapman, an occupant of Tafta’s John Conradie House, is in the process of being evicted from the home following an extensive 3 year long legal process which was argued on 2 August 2018 in the Durban High Court. The Court granted an eviction order in favour of Tafta but it was suspended for 3 months to, amongst other things, afford Mr Chapman additional time to find alternative accommodation. After three months and in October of this year, the Court granted a final eviction order, directing Mr Chapman to vacate Tafta’s premises by 31 October 2018.

According to Tafta CEO Femada Shamam, Tafta had to launch the eviction application because of the abusive manner in which Mr Chapman interacted with other residents and staff. Mr Chapman’s behaviour, she said, compromises the right to safety and security of other Tafta residents. The decision to launch legal proceedings against him was not made lightly but was done out of the necessity to protect the other residents at Tafta. Mr Chapman, in response to the Court order evicting him, has elected to display a notice outside Tafta’s premises that contains false and defamatory information about our organisation.

“Mr Chapman is in the process of being evicted through proper legal channels,” she said.  “Tafta was forced to take legal action against Mr Chapman because of the manner in which he conducted himself whilst in our care. Despite repeated attempts to mediate with him, Mr Chapman has elected to continue to be abusive towards other residents and staff, and has made several unfounded allegations of abuse against the organisation on social media and other public platforms.”

Shamam added that Tafta takes allegations of abuse extremely seriously: “Tafta has always been – and will continue to be – open and transparent to scrutiny. We are more than willing to engage with anyone who has a genuine concern about our organisation and its processes. The allegations that an elderly person has suffered abuse at our hands is a serious one. We have in the past, and constantly remain open to receiving information about specific incidences of abuse reported to us, so that they may be investigated.”

Further queries related to this matter can be directed to Tafta’s Marketing Manager, Prevashni Naidu on 031 332 3721/ 083 781 2006 or email: prevashni@tafta.org.za.