26Feb, 2018

Providing services … creating jobs

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Over the past four years, Tafta has created many opportunities for women to train as highly sought after Carers.

Introduced in 2014, our three-month Care Practitioner training course includes theory, practical training and written exams to ensure trainees have the knowledge and skills to tend to the needs of the elderly. More importantly, the training also focuses on the humanitarian aspects of the role – instilling the importance of treating elders with kindness and dignity, knowing that for many, a Tafta home might be their last home.

“Our training offers a dual benefit,” says CEO, Femada Shamam. “It produces much-needed Carers, to ensure that help is available to elderly people, particularly the frail. It also creates opportunities for those who are unemployed to gain income-generating skills.”

“Being responsible for the welfare of the elderly and working so closely with them every day brings an emotional reward,” says care practitioner Mrs Memorial Zulu. “In this environment, we spend time with elders, giving them the opportunity to socialise and communicate with someone younger. I feel so inspired knowing I am making a positive difference in someone’s life.”