7Jun, 2018

Latest on new SASSA payment system

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SASSA beneficiaries need not to worry about allocating the whole day to collection of social grants as they can now withdraw anytime and anywhere, electronically, from any post office, ATM, supermarkets and shops.

According to the latest issue of SASSA News (May 2018), the widely spoken about new SASSA/SAPO card has arrived and is being rolled out. The cards are available at SASSA offices, SASSA paypoints and will soon be available at the Post Office.

Beneficiaries who collect their grants from paypoints and merchants, need to swap their old cards for a new card. Beneficiaries for whom SASSA has up to date cellphone numbers will receive an SMS from SASSA informing them where to go for the card swap. Beneficiaries, who receive their grants through their personal bank accounts, need not to swap their cards unless they want to change the method of payment.

To swap the old card for the new card, beneficiaries are required to bring the old SASSA card and Identity Document (ID). Only need the person who actually collects the grant needs to be present.

Beneficiaries are encouraged to swap their cards at Paypoints during the payment cycle at their local areas or to arrange to have their grants paid into their bank accounts by submitting the form authorizing SASSA to transfer their grants directly to the bank account of choice.

Click here for a simple guide to the new SASSA card.


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