14May, 2018

All systems go for new SASSA cards

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The long talked about new SASSA card has finally arrived and is ready to be launched. The card roll out is currently being piloted at selected offices, and will be officially launched in May and continued through June, July and August, when old cards will be swapped for new ones.

How will the new SASSA card work?
The new card is a debit card, and will work very much the same as the current SASSA card, except that it will not work at the existing cash pay points, because the CPS system is proprietary and will not be able to read the new card. Cash beneficiaries will continue to use the existing card, only for as long as cash payments remain an option. All new beneficiaries must choose either the new SASSA card or direct deposits into their bank accounts as a payment method. This is in line with Regulation 21 of the Social Assistance Act, 2004, as amended.

The benefits of the new SASSA card
The new card will allow for the following “free” services per month:

  • 3 cash withdrawals at merchants’/retailers’ Point of Sale (POS) devices;
  • Unlimited POS purchases;
  • 1 cash withdrawal at Post Office branch;
  • 1 balance enquiry at an ATM;
  • 1 mini-statement per month – drawn from ATM;
  • 1 PIN reset at SAPO branch;
  • Unlimited PIN resets at SASSA offices;
  • Initial card issuance and 1 free card replacement;
  • No EFT debits or stop orders

Any services exceeding the above package will result in cost to the beneficiary. The beneficiary will pay for cash withdrawals at bank ATMs and any replacement card required, after the first one has been issued.

Procedure for swapping of the old SASSA card for the new one
Card swaps will take place at cash pay points, post office outlets and community venues identified by both SASSA and SAPO. Teams will also conduct home visits on request, for frail, disabled and immobile beneficiaries, as well as institutions where numbers of beneficiaries are present. The contact numbers to phone to request this service will be made public as soon as the venues are announced.

The process will commence with the beneficiary first collecting their monthly grant then proceeding to the card swap workstation and presenting their Identity document and old card. A biometric verification process will be undertaken on the beneficiary and on  successful completion, a new card will be issued. It is envisaged that the process will take between 7-10 minutes. The beneficiary can then use the new card within the National Payment System.

Required documents for the swap
Old SASSA card and the beneficiaries ID Book.
Children will not be required to be present. The card swap will only need the person who actually collects the grant and his/her procurator if there is one.


2 thoughts on “All systems go for new SASSA cards

  1. Donae

    From when can you do the swop?

    If you have a bank account can you have the grant paid directly into there?

    How do you apply for that?

    • Administrator

      The new SASSA cards are very different from the current cards. Clients who get paid their funds into their own bank accounts will not receive a new card.

      Those not getting paid their funds into their bank account will either get a new card to collect cash at a pay-point or a card with a PIN to collect at an ATM or Merchant store.

      Card replacements are scheduled to commence in June and July 2018 for old age/ disability clients and August and September 2018 for child related grants. For more information, please contact SASSA on 0800 60 10 11.

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