14Jul, 2017

Join our ‘Circle’ of supporters and enjoy a Movie Premiere with Tafta

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In partnership with The Independent on Saturday and popular entertainment company, the Avalon Group, Tafta is kicking off a year-long campaign to commemorate the organisation’s 60th anniversary with a red carpet movie screening of The Circle.

Starring Hollywood favourites, Emma Watson and Tom Hanks, the film is a futuristic thriller, filled with intriguing questions about the balance of our social and professional lives and how they intermingle – and whether, with increased surveillance and the knowledge that we’re being watched, our behaviour would gradually improve.

Guests at the event, on Friday 11 August at 7pm at Suncoast CineCentre, will be treated to a cocktail evening with light entertainment followed by the premiere. “This red carpet event affords us the opportunity to bring together key stakeholders, corporates and the community at large for an evening of glitz and entertainment – while also highlighting the plight of the elderly and encouraging further engagement,” says Tafta Divisional Manager, Income Development and Marketing, Gail Samuels.

The event will also see the launch of Tafta’s very first cinema advertisement which carries a powerful message to inspire hope and new possibilities … a life worth living. Through six decades of dedicated service focused on the needs of the elderly, Tafta has earned a reputation for providing superior care, compassion, meals and shelter and – more importantly – love, laughter, and a helping hand.

“We are pleased that these well-recognised brands have committed to join Tafta in our efforts to create greater awareness of the work being done to ensure a better quality of life for Durban’s elderly community,” Samuels said.

Independent on Saturday editor, Deon Delport, said: “These are tough times for many folk and Tafta makes a difference in the lives of so many people. It is humbling to think this mission of providing care, food, shelter and love has been going on for almost 60 years. Surely that should be celebrated and honoured.”

Managing director of the Avalon Group, AB Moosa, said he was pleased to be associated with Tafta and praised the positive contribution that organisation has made over the years to the lives of the elderly.

“We assist various organisations doing wonderful work and Tafta is one of them. We are pleased to be part of the positive and selfless contribution that Tafta has made to society,” he said, adding that it has become more and more important and relevant to reinforce that caring for our elders should be part of our family ethos.

Tickets for the evening cost R200, which includes popcorn and a coke, as well as entry into a draw where once lucky theatre-goer could stand a chance of winning a family getaway for four people.

Click here to buy your tickets for the movie online. Or contact Ateesha or Siyabonga on 031 332 3721 or email ateesha@tafta.org.za for more information.