2May, 2019

Mother’s Day: what are you planning?

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Easy to say – but if you’re serious about showing mom how loved and appreciated she is, how do you plan to do that?

Society suggests that you should take her out for a meal or buy her a gift. But with only just over a week to go, you may find her favourite restaurant – and every other one in town – is already fully booked.

Retailers are only too happy to offer hundreds of other suggestions. Flowers, perfume and beauty salon vouchers … jewellery and gadgets … a lovely new vacuum cleaner or iron (please don’t!) … champagne and even a gin kit!

The unspoken message is that if you really care, and really love her, you need to spend big. In the USA, consumers are expected to spend a record $25 billion this year on Mother’s Day. Last year Mother’s Day was the highest restaurant spending day of the year. The second highest was the day before Mother’s Day! And you thought Valentine’s Day was big?

But is all of this really necessary? A quick and completely non-scientific survey among some moms we know revealed that thoughtful gestures rather than large gifts are what’s most appreciated.

Young moms would love the opportunity for a rare ‘sleep in’ in the morning … tea in bed (heaven!) … or some ‘me’ time to take a relaxing bubble bath. After which, they’d love to spend the day doing fun stuff with the kids. And surprise – lunch at a posh restaurant is not that much fun with small children.

Top of the list for older moms is just to spend some time with their family.

If you live away from your mom, pick up the phone and call her. Listen to her and encourage her to share her stories for a change. Visit her and spend precious time with her, be it over a cup of coffee or glass of wine. People feel most appreciated when others give them their time. It’s the one thing money can’t buy.

And let’s not forget, that while we celebrate our moms, others are all alone with no one to visit them. Maybe their families have moved away, or they are no longer alive. If you know of someone in this position, perhaps you can include her in your plans for the day. It will mean the world to her, and could just add an extra layer of pleasure to everything you do. Especially if you no longer have a mom of your own to spoil.