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1Jun, 2020

Message to all Tafta Residents

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Dear Elders,

On Sunday, 24 May 2020, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that South Africa would move from Corona virus alert level 4 to alert level 3 as of 1 June 2020.

Moving to alert level 3 is by no means an indication that the country has won the battle with the Corona virus pandemic. In a recent meeting of aged care management, I was shocked to learn that a single infection found in a care home in the Western Cape resulted in more than 70 asymptomatic positive tests in that home over a matter of a few days. This is chilling evidence that we need to remain vigilant.

But, at Tafta, we also do realise the past months have been a period of uncertainty, and anxiety for you as your freedom of movement has been severely restricted. Exercise, shopping and socialising activities have been markedly restricted; and we understand the level of frustration this has caused for many of you.

We appreciate all of these sacrifices and as we begin adjusting to the lifting of a few of these restrictions under Alert level 3, I ask that you remember these sacrifices and the imminent danger that still remains as we transition to an adjusted way of living.

After careful consideration, Tafta management have made the decision to cautiously adjust a few lockdown rules to allow you a greater degree of movement. These are stipulated below for fit accommodation, with differentiated and detailed building and accommodation level plans to be released by your home management. Please do consult with building management if you have any queries and concerns regarding these decisions.

You can exercise between 6am and 6pm

You will be able to exercise between 6am and 6pm, provided this is not done in groups, and strict hygiene and sanitisation procedures are employed.

You can go shopping and attend medical appointments any time of the day

Retail stores have remained a huge source of concern for the spread of the virus. We therefore recommend you minimise your shopping to essential grocery and medical items only and adhere to strict hygiene and sanitisation procedures while out in public.

You cannot buy cigarettes

The sale of tobacco products will remain prohibited under Level 3 due to the health risks associated with smoking.

You will only be permitted the delivery of alcohol during approved times

Regulations allow for the purchase of alcohol between Mondays and Thursdays. No alcohol delivery will therefore be allowed into the building between Friday and Sunday.

Social visitation is still prohibited

All social gatherings will remain prohibited, except for funerals with no more than 50 people (a permit is still required).
Visits from family members will not be permitted.

You can attend a place of worship

The faith-based institutions may have 50 persons or less depending on the size of the place of worship. All health protocols and social distancing protocols have to be adhered to for religious meetings also up to 50 people. Please do consider initiating a conversation with your religious leader to ensure that social distancing and attendee numbers will be monitored if you are attending a religious service.

People will be required to stay at home, unless for work, or for medical visits. The recommendation remains that those over 60 and people with underlying conditions restrict movement as much as possible.

No domestic workers will be allowed on site

We will be offering the home based carer service if you require assistance.

Registers will be maintained on exiting and re-entry into buildings

Building management will need to keep a clear record of your movements for the purposes of contact tracing as per NICD protocols. Please complete the necessary registers.

Even as we adjust to these greater freedoms, we urge you to remember that eThekwini remains an infection hotspot, an area identified by health officials where the disease is concentrated and where infections continue to rise. A “hotspot” is defined as an area that has more than 5 infected people per every 100,000 people or where new infections are increasing at a fast pace.

As such, we all remain extremely vulnerable to the Coronavirus pandemic and must be extra vigilant in keeping our homes virus free. The list of hotspot areas will be reviewed every two weeks depending on the progression of the virus, and at any given time, we may be forced to return to alert levels 4 of 5 to slow down the progression of the disease.

It is therefore, very much in our hands to make the efforts we need to now to care for ourselves, our neighbours, and our families so that we may see a safer tomorrow.

Remember these General Regulations to follow at all times:

  • Mandatory use of cloth masks (including home-made ones to cover nose and mask) and ensure hand hygiene when in public.
  • Social distancing (2m away from other persons) to be applied in public when, shopping, and at health facilities (pharmacies, clinics etc.),
  • Social distancing when using public and private transport, as per transport guidelines

Kindest Regards,