Femada Shamam, Chief Executive Officer of Tafta
16Feb, 2021

Message from the CEO

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Finally, we saw the back of 2020! But not before a spike in Covid-19 infections, the emergence of a new, faster spreading variant of the disease, and a return to Level 3 Lockdown.

At Tafta, the new year began with continued efforts to protect our elders and staff. We are deeply saddened by the loss of some members of our Tafta family, and extend our thoughts and prayers to their loved ones.

But, if nothing else, the pandemic has shone a spotlight on elder care, and the need for every one of us to take responsibility for the wellbeing of vulnerable older people.

With this in mind, Tafta has launched The Good Society, a group of businesses and individuals committed to ensuring that we can all grow old in a society in which we feel secure and valued, surrounded by the love, care and support we need.

Please consider joining The Good Society and playing your part in helping to fund the gap in elder care and creating a community which we can be proud to grow old in. Please visit https://good.tafta.org.za/ to find out more.