13Apr, 2017

Beginning of a new era for Tafta and Margie Smith

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After more than three decades, Margie Smith, who has successfully led Tafta through the years with passion, dedication and commitment, hung up her coat as CEO and now assumes a new role during semi-retirement, as head of the special projects division, TAFTA Business.

“What a great gift it has been, to serve an organisation that is deeply committed to social justice and takes such bold positions to solve the housing challenges of the senior citizens in the eThekwini region,” she said.  “I consider myself blessed to have worked alongside such talented and dedicated staff that are committed to advancing Tafta’s mission each and every day.”

Vice Chairman of the Tafta Council, Wicus Jacobs said: “Tafta is well positioned for continued success owing to Margie’s leadership and vision. We celebrate her many accomplishments and look forward to her continued association with the organisation. In particular, it was her determined advocacy for so many years that led to the creation of, and funding for, Langeler Towers – Tafta’s most ambitious project.”

Margie, who holds the reputation of being an “extraordinary” leader, is confident that her successor, Femada Shamam will maintain the organisation’s long-held values while taking Tafta to new heights. Femada’s journey at Tafta began 17 years ago as a young social worker. She says she was both inspired and terrified by the enormity of the needs of older people.

“I realised there was so much that could be done to make their lives better,” she says. “It was here that the seed of my passion for working in this field was sowed. My guiding belief has always been that better lives for the elderly are indeed possible. I invite all, elders, staff, partners and the community at large to join me as we journey this road. Together we can achieve great things.”

Femada comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience in elder care. Over the years, she assumed various management roles within Tafta and was appointed Chief Operations Officer in 2016. Her appointment as CEO, which was endorsed by the Tafta Council, commenced on 03 April 2017.

Wicus Jacobs, Vice Chairman of the Tafta Council said that he and the other council members were looking forward to working closely and collaboratively with Ms Shamam to ensure the continued success of the organisation.

[Photo: Retiring CEO, Margie Smith, is the epitome of Active Ageing]