Mother's Day
19Apr, 2021

Make Mother’s Day special

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With the entire country under Level 5 Lockdown, last year’s Mother’s Day was a bit of a non event, especially for older moms and grandmothers who weren’t even able to see their loved ones! This year, we have fewer restrictions, but the threat of Covid-19 is still ever present.

So how will you celebrate this special day? Here are some ideas:

The traditional gift, much appreciated by most women, continues to be a favourite way of telling your mother how much you love her. If you won’t be seeing your mom on Mother’s Day, use an online florist service to surprise her with a beautiful bouquet.

Want a more practical gift? Why not consider ordering a nicely presented pot plant, along with a box of her favourite chocolate or cookie treats delivered to her door. Woolworths has some lovely options and delivery fees are reasonable.

Lunch out
While some people are still nervous of eating out at a restaurant, there are other safer options that mom is sure to enjoy. How about organising a picnic in an attractive venue like Mitchell’s Park or the Botanical Gardens? By May, the worst of Durban’s humidity is over and the likelihood of rain is less.

You can organise delicious picnic food yourself, choose ready prepared snacks from a supermarket, or order from a caterer that specialises in gourmet picnic baskets. Be sure to take a folding chair for older moms who might not be comfortable sitting on a picnic blanket!

Framed photo
If your mother doesn’t see you or her grandchildren very often, a family photograph of you and the kids is something she can treasure for years. Pick out a pretty frame and add a special message on the back, telling her how much you all love and appreciate her. Even better, get everyone in the photo to add their own special message.

Pamper time
Moms of young children, in particular, appreciate a little “Me” time. Again, not everyone is comfortable visiting a spa or treatment centre during the Pandemic. But a thoughtful home spa ‘kit’ – think scented candles, fragrant bath foam or fizzy bath bombs, exfoliating scrub, face mask or eye patches, luxury body lotion or butter, a pretty nail polish – maybe even a dinky of wine and a magazine! Plus of course a good couple of hours to relax and enjoy everything, which could mean Dad taking the kids out for a while.

Getting away from it all
While travel options are limited, there are still opportunities for active moms to enjoy a change of scenery and some healthy exercise in the fresh air. From a simple walk or bike ride at the beach, followed by breakfast in an open air café, to a weekend away – this is a thoughtful and most appreciated gift.

Plus you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping one of our worst hit sectors, the hospitality industry, to recover from the devastating economic effects of the pandemic.

Gift someone else in her name
Making a donation to a worthy cause in honour of your mom is a lovely gift for the mom who has everything. What causes is she passionate about? Disadvantaged children? Animals? If you’re not sure, consider a donation to Tafta so that an elderly mother or grandmother who may be alone and forgotten this Mother’s Day can feel special too.

Some time with you
For older moms, especially, the best gift of all is just to be able to spend some time with you. If your mother lives in an old age home, there may be restrictions on visiting. Make sure you understand the consequences of taking her out for a visit or family meal at a restaurant (e.g. she may have to spend time in isolation afterwards).

If you are unable to visit mom, the next best thing is a phone call. If mom is a little forgetful and difficult to talk to on the phone, take some time beforehand to recall special memories of happy times you’ve spent together and discuss these during the call.

Finally, if you are a mom yourself – Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Tafta!