21Apr, 2020

Lockdown Diaries

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“Sad to say, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused chaos worldwide; we are not alone in this time of crisis. Restricting visitors keeps us safe since us elderly are most prone to diseases and lots of folk are chronically ill.

It is difficult though as all our social activities are non existent now. Visiting friends and family and neighbours has come to an abrupt halt. Even shopping is restricted. All our fun activities have stopped and life is lonely for many. Fortunately some of our homes have halls where we are allowed to meet and socialise at a safe distance; we just have to shout a little louder through the masks!”

[Rosalind Brown, Kings Hall]


“I am so aware of the severity of this deadly virus, and how quickly this can spread into each of our lives, affecting so many because of the number of residents in our buildings! Especially here at John Conradie House, we have a frail care unit where our elderly folk are so vulnerable; the virus can so easily spread, causing devastating consequences..

Strongly enforcing the Lockdown in our Homes has been such wisdom from our Tafta Management. They have set rules and restrictions of the movement of residents for their safety and everyone living in our buildings!

We are only allowed a limited time once a week to get to doctors appointments,  collect medication, and short grocery shopping trips. Some residents are battling to stay in their rooms, facing lonely times and finding it difficult to adapt. They love their walks and are now restricted from going out to the beach and into town, but the Lockdown is for all of our safety.

The Lockdown has certainly affected my daily activities! I am a very outgoing person, involved in ministry, sharing the word of God in shelters, helping feed the homeless, preaching in different churches, leading a home group. For now, while we are on Lockdown, my daily activities are so restricted.

I feel that l am having to re-adapt my lifestyle. But I am enjoying more time in prayer,  reading and studying the word of God, preparing for the future.

Thank you so much Tafta Management for caring so much for us, even forsaking time with your families to serve and make sure we are safe.”

[Lyn Matthews, John Conradie House]