26Feb, 2018

Leave a smile behind

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Planning for a future beyond your own can bring great satisfaction – as these two Tafta supporters have discovered.

Although Mrs Botha* has worked in Durban for many years as a registered nurse, before coming to live at Lucas Gardens eight years ago, she had never heard of Tafta.

“I fell in love with this beautiful place and knew it would be my ‘forever home’,” she says. Thinking about the future, and realising how much Tafta does to make life easier for the elderly, Mrs Botha decided to leave a legacy to our organisation in her Will.

“I think of it as leaving a smile behind,” she said.

Another resident, Mrs Philips*, also decided to include Tafta in her Will.

“It will give me great joy to leave whatever God has given me to Tafta,” Mrs Philips says. “I’ve seen what great lengths Tafta staff go to, to make elderly people happy. Happiness comes from security, accommodation, nursing, meals, transport and care. Tafta cares – thank you Tafta!”

Bequests from people like Mrs Botha and Mrs Philips are extremely valuable to Tafta – they provide much -needed funds to ensure that we can continue to subsidise accommodation, provide nutritious meals, medical care and services like Home-based Care to those who need it most.

For more information on legacies and bequests, please contact our Tafta Staff Member: Madeleen van Vuuren on 031 332 3721 ext. 235 or email madeleenv@tafta.org.za

*Names Changed.