26Feb, 2018

Last word from former CEO, Margie Smith

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The odds of success have always been stacked against anyone who sets out to help those who are unable to afford to pay their way. It takes brave and compassionate souls to step into the breach.

In the early days, Tafta’s workforce was mainly volunteers, who provided meals and food parcels to the poor and elderly people of Durban. The organisation was founded on the simple precept that care should be given to those who have no way of caring for themselves. This is the driving force that has brought the staff and volunteers, donors and supporters together over the past 60 years, to build a remarkable organisation capable of caring for thousands of elderly people today.

The strategic challenges have been overwhelming at times, as Tafta grappled with an ever increasing need and a dramatically decreasing funding pool. The completion of our 2020 Strategic Plan detailed, for the first time, how care could be met by a stronger focus on the Eden Alternative plan, and the introduction of Ageing in Place and Active Ageing to replace long-term Institutional Care.

The plan acknowledged that the funding crisis besetting the NPO sector could not be answered by placing more reliance on Government and private donors.

Tafta is currently involved in new and exciting projects. These projects include Tafta being a major shareholder in the prestigious Shoreline Sibaya development amongst others and is actively seeking opportunities to create spinoffs from already established services.

Tafta has a new and vibrant team to lead this remarkable organisation into another era of change and achievement. I wish them and all the people who will be called upon to help them to do more than they think possible!