9May, 2019

Help us find this year’s oldest Comrades marathon runner

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Do you have an elderly friend or relative who’s taking on the challenge of ‘the ultimate human race’ on 9 June 2019? Someone from your running club, perhaps? Or even yourself!

With our commitment to active ageing, Tafta is looking to be inspired by the grandest of the Grandmasters (age 60+) who’s ready to take on the world’s largest and oldest ultra marathon this year. We’d love to find out more about their journey, and the ‘secret’ to staying fit enough to complete the grueling 87 km up run from Durban to Pietermaritzburg.

Nothing epitomises the concept of active ageing quite like Comrades legend, Wally Hayward, who passed away in April 2006. In his prime in the 50s, Wally won the marathon five times.

In 1988, at the age of 79, he completed the race in a time of 9 hours 34 minutes, beating half the finishers! The following year Wally was back for his final Comrades, and still holds the record for the oldest person to have completed the race.

What an inspiration!

Tafta promotes the concept of active ageing, both in the community and within our residences, by providing a number of programmes and activities designed to engage and inspire elders – physically, mentally and socially. Older people who are active, stimulated and involved in the community enjoy a better quality of life and suffer fewer age related illnesses.

We thought it would be a real eye opener to our residents, and many younger people in the community, if we could identify, and follow the progress of the most senior Comrades runner this year.

So please help us find the next Wally Hayward, by sharing this post and get tagging. Let’s all get inspired by active ageing!