Fire damaged room
17Feb, 2020

Help pours in for fire victim

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We extend our immense gratitude to generous Durbanites who came to the rescue of a Tafta John Conradie House resident whose television set spontaneously combusted on Thursday evening, causing a fire to break out in his room at around 9.30pm that evening.

“We sent out the appeal on Friday, which coincidently was Valentine’s Day, and called on Durbanites to please help us restore the elder’s room and assist him with much needed clothing and flat contents including crockery, a table and television set,” said Tafta CEO Femada Shamam.

R15 000 raised

By Monday morning, we had R15 000 in the bank towards the cost of replacing the items that were destroyed, as well as donated items that were dropped off at John Conradie House. Another generous donor offered to repaint the room and donate much-needed smaller appliances.

“We are completely overwhelmed and we assure our generous donors that we will provide feedback on the refurbishment and room renovation as it is completed,” Shamam said.

“As for the elder in question, he is comfortable in the temporary room he has been moved to and while he remains a bit confused with the events of last week, we believe he will be thrilled to return to a room that will be fully restored to conditions even better than prior to this traumatic incident,” she added.

Abandoned at the shopping centre

“We believe this story will resonate even more so when supporters of Tafta learn that it was in fact the same elder we called on Durbanites to help us assist when he was ‘dumped’ at the Pavilion in January 2017 – along with everything he owned in a small suitcase. He was confused and could only walk with the aid of a stick.”

“When a kindly passer-by offered him a lift, he asked to be taken to Tafta. We found a place for him at John Conradie House, where he enjoys three good meals a day, help with bathing, dressing and walking, companionship and care. None of this would be possible without ongoing support from friends like you. Thank you for caring about our elders – and reaching out to ensure they enjoy ‘a life worth living,” Shamam said.

Further queries related to this matter can be directed to Tafta’s Marketing Manager, Prevashni Naidu on 031 332 3721/ 083 781 2006 or email: