26Feb, 2018

Healing power of a garden

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | February 26th, 2018

For some reason, elders and gardens just seem to go together. Our residents love spending time outdoors – perhaps it’s because they have more time just to sit and enjoy fresh air, flowers and trees, the hum of bees and birdsong.

But for those who live in the City, especially those who are confined to wheelchairs or who can only get about with the help of a walking frame, opportunities to visit a garden are few and far between.

So there was great excitement when plans for a terrace garden were shared with the residents of John Conradie House and Langeler Towers. The garden was created with special attention given to the safety, needs and abilities of older people.

Pictured above: A restful fountain provides a soothing background in the new garden, which includes walkways, plants and seating areas.