26Feb, 2018

Volunteers, staff and friends have their say

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“I think it’s a wonderful thing to be able to help other people.” Anne Foxcroft, Meals on Wheels ‘hopper’ for the past 20 years

“Years ago, when Tafta was looking for volunteers to deliver meals to housebound elderly people I thought, ‘I can do that!” Over 20 years later, Anne is still a valued member of our Meals on Wheels volunteer team. She enjoys helping people who can’t get out and about themselves and has a soft spot for elderly people who don’t have children. “It’s more difficult when you have no one to look out for you,” she says.

“I have never worked anywhere else – I joined this organisation as a boy of 20 and grew up here.” Vincent Nala, Driver

Vincent has been a member of staff for 38 years and cannot imagine working anywhere else. He started as a handyman at Ocean View, before moving to head office as a driver. “It has become a part of who I am,” Vincent says. “It does not feel like a job because I love what I do.”

“As a student social worker, I did a placement at Tafta at the end of my first year. There I found my love and passion for elders, which lead to my deciding to join Tafta when I qualified.” Robyn Coetzee, Wellness Facilitator at John Dunn House

“I joined Tafta straight out of university when I qualified as a social worker in December 1986,” says Robyn. “Apart from a gap while I raised my family, I’ve been a social worker for 31 years, and I’m very grateful to be part of the Tafta family. It’s a wonderful organisation to work for, as we have different solutions depending on the needs of the elders. Social work is about caring for and helping others, especially vulnerable people like the elderly,” she explains. “Working with them and their families, and making a positive difference in their lives is very rewarding.”