8Feb, 2019

Getting to know you

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You made us smile. You made us think. You even made us cry. But above all, you gave us a personal glimpse of the wonderful bond that exists between young and old. Thank you to everyone who entered the Tafta Tell my Story competition.

The competition, which is open to all our elders and community club members, aims to reawaken a love of storytelling and the sharing of memories. Last year, for the first time, the competition was extended to primary school children, who were encouraged to celebrate the life of an older person.

11 year old Faatima entered the competition to, “show my grandfather how special he is.” She told us that her grandfather worked hard for most of his life. “He lost his dad very young and was forced to leave school and help his mother support their family of seven.“

“Now he is retired and spends most of his days at home. His diet consists of sweets, chocolates and ice-cream.” After a lifetime of hard work, we think he deserves it! Another entrant, Assam is looking forward to growing up so he can spoil his grandparents, “like they spoilt me when I was small.”

Strong bond
Older entrants expressed great pride in their grandchildren’s achievements. Barbara Stone spoke about Kwezi who, “is not my grandchild in a legal sense – but as I have known you since the day you were born, our bond is strong.”

Kwezi’s ‘gran’ went on to say, “You have brought me enormous joy . . . obtained four A’s in matric . . . and now you’ve got your law degree!”

Barbara’s advice to Kwezi was to avoid the mistake she made when she opted for a lump sum instead of a pension. “I am very lucky to have caring friends,” she wrote, “including your mom, Thoko, who told me that she would be delighted if I went to live with her in Umlazi, in the lovely house you bought for her!”

Congratulations to all the winners, who received electronic prizes, such as laptops and tablets, sponsored by Windermere Shopping Centre and MicroDivision.