Fire at John Conradie House
12Oct, 2020

Fire causes extensive damage at John Conradie House

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The fire that broke out at John Conradie House on Saturday has caused extensive damage to the second floor of the building. Indications are that the fire was started as a result of negligence by a resident.

The 74-year old occupant of the room suffered minor burns and was treated on the scene before being transported to Addington hospital. She is now in isolation at JCH as a precaution against possible Covid-19 infection. Three other residents were also taken to Addington hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation and discharged.

Meanwhile clean up operations are in full swing. Additional staff have been brought in to clean the walls in the passageway, rooms and bathrooms, but extensive repairs will be necessary – and only structural damage is covered by insurance.

Right now, the entire second floor is without electricity until wiring that melted in the heat can be replaced, and all the lights, plugs and switches thoroughly checked.

All the ceiling panels in the passage need to be replaced, and new smoke detectors installed, along with repairs to the fire alarm system. Eleven fire extinguishers used to quell the flames have to be refilled.

Flat 227 needs to be completely stripped, replastered, painted and refitted with cupboards and other furnishings. Any contributions towards this cost would be gratefully received, and help turn Mrs X’s flat into a home again.

Please direct any enquiries to Tafta’s Fundraising Manager, Nirupa Kasserchun on 031 332 3721/ 083 781 2006 or email:


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Fire damage

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