26Feb, 2018

Message from our CEO, Femada Shamam

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It is a humbling experience to pen this message for our 60th anniversary. The Tafta story is built on a vision of a better life for older people and, over the past six decades, there have been many great people who helped deliver on this vision.

Our group of committed volunteers, who to this day continue to support Tafta, worked, and continue to work, tirelessly in every section of the organisation. Special mention must be made of those who served on our board of management and those who now serve on our Council. They remain committed ambassadors of Tafta. We are also very thankful to our donors who faithfully keep the welfare and needs of our elders in mind. The donations we receive in-kind and cash help us inspire a life worth living for our elders.

Over the years Tafta has earned the reputation of being Leaders in innovative solutions for elders, often benchmarking the services, products and standards required. This path includes a few challenges and obstacles. Our talented and committed staff accept these challenges and often use them as opportunities to explore more creative ways of alleviating distress and promoting the well-being of elders.

Our current strategy is focused on three pillars: Excellence, Relevance and Sustainability – and there is also a strong focus on expansion. The population of older people is growing and will continue to grow at a rapid rate. As more people reach the age of 60, Tafta will have to redesign, realign and reposition itself to be responsive to their needs. As an organisation, we are mindful that we must be sustainable both now and into the future. The decisions we make today in caring and supporting our elders and in investing in our financial sustainability must not compromise our ability to do the same in the future.

Tafta is about the people. It’s about directly supporting elders; it’s about advocating for an environment in which they can thrive and contribute meaningfully; it’s about care, compassion and respect. For the 5 500 people, we support monthly, being associated with Tafta means that basic needs are met: a plate of food, clothing, medical care, and someone to talk to. As we move into a new decade of Tafta’s existence, we will continue to promote active ageing and position elders as meaningful contributors to society.

We are excited about our future and we welcome our partners, donors, staff and volunteers to help Tafta reach new heights.