28Sep, 2018

Ensuring your home is suitable and safe

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If you choose Ageing in Place for yourself or a loved one, you may need to make some changes to your home.

As we get older, climbing steps becomes more difficult.
• Replace steps with ramps
• Install an elevator or stair lift
• Relocate the bedroom to a room on the ground floor

Weak legs, impaired balance or vision, or disorientation caused by dementia can lead to dangerous falls.
• Remove loose rugs, footstools, and other tripping hazards
• Install grab bars in the toilet and shower
• Make sure rooms are well lit

Being able to summon help in the event of an accident is vital for elderly people living alone. Solutions include:
• Wearable panic buttons
• Sensory systems that trace behavioural routines and trigger an alarm when unusual, or no activity is detected
• A mobile phone with emergency numbers on quick dial.

For more information, please contact (031) 332 3721 or email aip@tafta.org.za