Elder neglect
29Jun, 2021

Elder rescued from neglect

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Recently we received a call for help on behalf of 76 year old Mr M. He has benign prostate hyperplasia, hypertension and elephantitis. This causes enlarged, swollen feet, making it difficult for him to walk. He needs help with most activities of daily living, which his carer was unable to provide, although she was trying her best.

Mr M had been living at his girlfriend’s house and, after she died, he had nowhere to go. He never married and has no children of his own. Fortunately her daughter has a soft spot for the old man and took him in out of the goodness of her heart. But she is battling financially herself and is unable to provide the level of care Mr M needs. The family lives in a small 2 bedroom house, which is badly run down, grimy and sparsely furnished. Mr M didn’t even have a bed – he basically lived on a grubby mattress, wedged into an alcove in the passage. There was no linen on the mattress – just a couple of blankets that hadn’t been washed in months.

Elder placed at John Dunn HouseAlthough he’s physically in poor shape, there’s nothing wrong with Mr M’s mind. He understands his situation, and was helpless to do anything to change it. This obviously caused him much anxiety and distress. His late girlfriend’s daughter was aware of this and asked if it would be possible for Mr M to be placed in a proper facility where he could be cared for.

And we are extremely happy to report that we have successfully placed Mr M at John Dunn House, and are securing donors to help cover his expenses*.

At Tafta, we pride ourselves on our commitment to elders’ well-being, respect and human dignity. Mr. M will greatly benefit from his improved quality of life, which will give him hope, some joy and contentment. We are also hopeful of seeing some improvement in his physical well-being, owing to the standard of care provided at our frail care centres.

* If you would like to join our circle of supporters, and help provide care for elders in desperate need, please consider making a donation now.