Easter under Lockdown
21Apr, 2020

Easter at Tafta

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As we commemorated the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in Lockdown this year, we were reminded of the universal message of Easter.

Firstly, the message of hope and love. During a worldwide pandemic, the best way to love and care for others is to keep your distance. By adhering to the regulations set by our government, we can reduce the spread of COVID-19.

The second message of Easter is that, without suffering nothing new can be achieved. This is a time for us all to learn and grow, and appreciate what we usually take for granted.

The third message the assurance of rebirth and renewal. Don’t lose hope and feel overwhelmed by the challenges we are all facing. Trust in your leaders, health professionals and God to see us through these dark days.

At Tafta Homes throughout Durban, elders were spoiled with goody bags to spread cheer on Easter Sunday. Maintaining the correct social distance, residents prayed together and at the Tafta Park Care Cottage, elders sang Amazing Grace for the residents.

It was an Easter like no other – but it was still Easter.