8Apr, 2019

No joy? Goodbye!

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Do we really need half the things that fill our homes? We seem to have this fixation of buying beautiful (often useless) items to decorate our homes. These usually come at great expense and add to our already busy and cluttered lives.

Netflix has a new show that caught our attention, Tidying up with Marie Kondo, which is a reality TV series that follows Marie – an organising consultant – as she visits families and helps them organise and tidy their homes.

Marie’s idea is simple and makes so much sense. Gather everything in one space  – for example, put all your clothes in a big pile on your bed. You’ll probably be gobsmacked by the sheer volume of stuff you own. Pick each item up, one by one, and ask yourself whether it still brings you joy. If yes, keep it. If no, thank the item and place it in a box to go! You’ll find that although perhaps at one stage a good book, a pair of jeans or a decorative tea towel brought you joy, it is now time to part ways with it.

There are huge benefits to living a de-cluttered life. Getting rid of excess possessions can reduce anxiety, especially if the items are left lying around your home in constant view. It’s good physical exercise and being in ‘get-it-done’ mode and ticking things off your to-do list is wonderfully energising.

Just because you are parting ways with items that no longer benefit you or ‘bring you joy’ doesn’t mean they should be destined for the rubbish heap. Perhaps your previously treasured items can still bring others joy?

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