16Jun, 2020

Crisis: Coronavirus outbreak at Langeler Towers

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Our worst nightmare has just come true.

Yesterday, one of our residents at Langeler Towers tested positive for Covid-19. For over 600 elderly men and women who live here – and in the adjacent John Conradie House – it is devastating news. Everyone is aware that this is the age group most at risk from the disease.

Now we have to react quickly to ensure it doesn’t spread.

That means screening and testing a vast number of our residents, as well as all the impacted staff. We need to immediately set up a quarantine ward, with the necessary PPE … full hazmat suits, safe hazardous waste disposal bins and bags, extra hospital beds, extra gloves, N95 masks, sanitizing equipment and laundry services.

Very few of our residents have private medical aid – which means Tafta has to find the money for their tests … somehow … as well as everything else that’s needed.

Please help us respond to this urgent crisis, by making a donation of any amount right now.


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Because the shocking truth is: if Covid-19 spreads through our Homes unchecked, elders are going to die.

These are men and women who still have a lot of living to do! They’ve patiently waited through weeks of lockdown, sustained by the belief that eventually they will feel their grandchildren’s arms around them again. Others have found new interests that have filled them with renewed vigour and enthusiasm for life. They ALL have plans for the future.

Please help us do everything possible to make sure those plans and dreams are realised. Your donation of any amount will make all the difference. It could even save a life.

Thank you for caring about those who are older and weaker than ourselves. They don’t deserve this deadly disease. No one does. Let us all do everything possible to protect our elders and help them through this crisis.


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