Covid-19 protocols
6Jan, 2021

Covid-19 update: 5 January 2021

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Sadly, we have begun the new year with a spate of new infections in our homes. The newer strain of the Coronavirus has taken hold fast, with the infection spreading at a rapid rate once it enters our homes.

Since the start of the pandemic in South Africa, we have recorded a total of 144 Covid positive cases among elders and staff. We have sadly lost 17 elders and one staff member to the disease, but are extremely grateful for the recovery of 67 elders and 36 staff. There are currently 20 active cases among our elders and 3 active staff cases.

After weeks of attempting to secure a sanitising partner, we are thankful for the return of the Scientology Volunteer Ministry team to our infecting buildings. From this week, they will again be conducting regular sanitising.

We are also in constant contact with the Department of Health to assist with contact tracing and screening when new cases arrive. We also rely on the Department to conduct Covid-19 tests as per their availability in the context of a health crisis affecting the entire population.

Please note that the vast majority of elders in our care have a very limited income. Many have only a state pension. As a non profit organisation, we are thus dependent on the Department of Health to assist with testing, and are extremely grateful to them, as well as our donors and sponsors, who have come to our aid since March 2020 to assist with the expense of managing the spread of the virus in our homes.

To date, costs we have taken on include:

  • Accommodation and meals for staff who ‘lived in’ during the hard lockdown period
  • Cost of caring for Covid positive elders within our homes
  • Cost of sanitising equipment and staff to manage infection spread
  • Cost of PPE for care teams responsible for elder care
  • Transport of donated goods and other items

We are desperate to halt this scourge of infection in our homes and appeal to family members and others not to visit any of our facilities, in the interest of mitigating further risk to vulnerable elders.

We have active cases at:

  • Tafta Park (4 elders)
  • Tafta on Ridge (9 elders and 2 staff members)
  • John Conradie House/Langeler Towers (4 residents and 1 staff member)
  • Kings Hall (1 elder)
  • Tafta Lodge (1 elder)
  • Lucas Gardens (1 elder)

We are extremely concerned by the resurgence of cases in our homes and urge you to pray for the safety of all South Africans during this difficult time.

If you have any queries regarding friends or family members residing at the affected facilities, please contact the management team of the home or email

Yours in service

Femada Shamam
Tafta CEO