Femada Shamam, Chief Executive Officer of Tafta
22Jan, 2021

Covid-19 update: 21 January

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As of yesterday evening, we now sadly report a total of 173 Covid-19 cases in Tafta homes since 15 June last year. Of these, we have sadly lost 21 elders and one staff member, and we remain grateful for the recovery of 94 elders and 42 staff. There are currently 13 active elder and 2 active staff cases in:

John Conradie House/Langeler Towers: 4 residents and 2 staff members
Kings Hall: 1 elder
Tafta on Ridge: 4 elders
Tafta Park: 4 elders

This continues to be a very difficult and stressful period for all involved. The resource constraints we have experienced since the start of the pandemic have created a taxing environment for all those working in this field; we are extremely hopeful that we can anticipate the vaccine rollout in the near future.

We are cognizant of the perceptions and misinformation around the vaccine, and the fears and anxieties around being vaccinated. Our elders are often passive recipients of communication from the younger generation, who are much more tech-savvy. When these myths are forwarded on at an exponential rate, they become fact and feed levels of anxiety older people already feel as a vulnerable population. Let us all make a simple commitment to only share information from credible, verified sources, so that we can make informed choices regarding our health.

If you have any queries regarding friends or family members residing at the affected facilities, please contact the management team of the home or email intake@tafta.org.za.

Yours in service,

Femada Shamam
Tafta CEO