Message from Femada Shamam
14Dec, 2020

Covid-19 update: 13 December 2020

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December 14:
Four more elders have been diagnosed with Covid-19 since yesterday at John Conradie House/Langeler Towers complex and Tafta Lodge. There are now a total of 10 Covid-19 positive elders and 2 positive carers at Tafta Homes.

Of these ten new cases, six elders are in hospital and a further four are in quarantine.

This brings the total number of cases to 57 elders and 28 staff.


December 13:
A further 4 elders and 2 carers have been diagnosed with Covid-19 at Tafta’s John Conradie House/Langeler Towers complex.

The complex will immediately stop all visitation and management will closely monitor the building’s infection rate, with the assistance of the Department of Health.

To date, Tafta has recorded a total of 53 Covid-19 positive elder cases. Of these, 41 have recovered, 6 are active cases and we have experienced 6 deaths. We have recorded 28 staff infections. Of these, 26 have recovered and 2 are active cases.

Please do continue to keep our elders in your prayers, and pray too for their strength as many face this difficult time alone whilst in isolation.

If you have any queries regarding friends or family members residing at the affected facilities, please contact the management team of the home or email

Yours in service

Femada Shamam
Tafta CEO