Femada Shamam, Chief Executive Officer of Tafta
29Jun, 2021

Message from the CEO, Femada Shamam

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Following the national address from our presidency on Sunday night, it is imperative that I communicate with the people at the heart of Tafta – our dear elders and your family members. For the last 15 months, we have all adjusted to different ways of living, and new ways of keeping in touch. I must thank you for your ongoing patience and openness to the necessary changes we have had to make in line with the national regulations to safeguard your health and wellbeing.

With the arrival of the third wave of Covid-19 and the implementation of alert level 4 of the Risk-Adjusted strategy, it was immediately clear that the time for adjustment is upon us once again. In the midst of flu season, many of us will experience the onset of flu-like symptoms that are also indicators of Coronavirus. For this reason, I must ask you to be extra vigilant and self-aware, keeping in mind that even mild symptoms should be monitored closely.

Should you feel unwell or experience any symptoms of Covid-19, please practice a safe period of self-isolation for 7 days until you feel better. If your symptoms seem to be worsening or you suspect you have been exposed to the Coronavirus, please speak to your building manager, social worker or staff on duty. High-risk exposure to Covid-19 will require a quarantine period of 10 days and symptom monitoring to avoid possible transmission to your neighbours and friends.

Because the third wave is more contagious and there is a possibility of re-infection, we will be implementing the following precautionary measures at all Tafta buildings, to prevent the spread of the disease:

  • All gatherings planned for the next 14 days will be postponed pending further advice from the National Coronavirus Command Council
  • Any planned events should be postponed or cancelled
  • Intake interviews and new admissions are currently on hold until further notice
  • There will be no visitation allowed at any Tafta homes
  • Contractors and Service Providers will be permitted to enter and conduct urgent work only in a situation of emergency. Hairdressing services will be suspended until further notice.
  • Domestic workers will be screened and monitored very closely as they continue to be allowed into all buildings. Please report to your building supervisor should your helper experience any Covid-19 symptoms
  • Dining halls will maintain social distancing protocols and multiple meal sittings, with no more than 2 people seated at a single table. If an infection of Covid-19 is confirmed, this process will be revised
  • A detailed procedure of account queries and pension payouts will be communicated to you in due course.

With the peak of this wave predicted to be higher than that of the last two, we must all practice social distancing, limit close contact and wear masks in public. In the words of our President, “Let us call on every bit of strength we have, let us summon our reserves of courage, and hold firm until this wave, too, passes over us.”

Yours in service,
Femada Shamam
Tafta CEO